QupZilla 2.1.1

Web browser that takes cues from Firefox and Chrome

QupZilla is a lightweight, multi-platform web browser that takes design and technical cues from Firefox and Chrome. View full description


  • Built in Flash and adblock
  • Great performance
  • Supports many Linux distros and Windows
  • Easy to use interface


  • Limited extension selection
  • No bookmark or settings sync


QupZilla is a lightweight, multi-platform web browser that takes design and technical cues from Firefox and Chrome.

When you first open up QupZilla, you'll instantly feel at home if you've ever used Chrome or Firefox. If you're not satisfied with the default theme, there are a few included with the application. QupZilla will provide an identical user experience across all platforms.

In terms of features, QupZilla is good, but not great. There is support for extensions, but there aren't many to choose from. Luckily QupZilla includes a built-in Flash player and adblocker. This takes out the work of having to install these manually. Unfortunately, QupZilla doesn't sync bookmarks between systems or devices, which Firefox and Chrome both do.

In terms of performance, QupZilla is excellent. Pages loaded quickly. This is no surprise as the browser blocks ads and Flash content until it's clicked on. This can be disabled if the user wants to view the contents of the entire page.

Overall, QupZilla proved to be a stable and great performing web browser. Unfortunately, in most cases, it just can't match the integration and features of its more popular rivals.


  • Brazilian Portuguese, Indonesian, Georgian, Japanese and Romanian translation
  • added information about configuration page qupzilla:config
  • added option to show only icons in bookmarks toolbar
  • added alt+d shortcut for focusing locationbar
  • added possibility to import bookmarks folder structure on html import
  • added option to create search engine from input element on page
  • added "don't load tabs until selected" option when restoring session
  • added option to separate http and https proxy configuration
  • added new page into site info: databases
  • added command line option to open url in current tab
  • support for utf-8 filenames in Content-Disposition header (downloads)
  • support for whitelisting/blacklisting cookies
  • improved source viewer, it now shows line numbers
  • improved html import - support for importing folders
  • improved performance of bookmarks import and deleting
  • sending referer header when opening new tab from webview
  • user agent workaround for google sites
  • fixed history of frames not saving
  • fixed loading unicode urls from command line
  • fixed removing local certificates
  • fixed dark color of text in locationbar when using dark theme
  • fixed garbled rendering of desktop notifications
  • fixed text in locationbar on https sites when using dark theme
  • fixed not saving cookies on crash
  • fixed option not to send Referer header to servers
  • fixed showing bad total + downloaded size when starting download
  • fixed toggling WebInspector


QupZilla 2.1.1